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Have you noticed strange bugs crawling around your bedroom? Have you been suffering from red welt-like marks on your stomach, backs, and arms? If this is the case, there is a possibility that you’re suffering from a bedbug infestation. Any pest infestation can be downright stressful, but bedbugs are undeniably a little worse than the rest. They’re incredibly annoying, because they have an insatiable love for human blood. Don’t become their main course meal! By working with the best bed bug exterminator Alexandria VA hard to offer, you’ll be able to eliminate the bugs and restore your sanity. Thankfully, you’ve found us!

What To Know

We’ve dealt with the bed bugs in Alexandria VA for an extensive period of time and we’ve come to know them better than anyone else. Before you get carried away, you need to understand that bedbugs aren’t dangerous. Although they do bite, they’re not going to transmit diseases or illnesses. Still, they’re a major annoyance and will likely hinder your ability to get a good night’s sleep. At the same time, their bites can transform into rashes and may become infected, if these rashes are scratched.

The bad news is that eradicating bedbugs are substantially difficult. Using a simple over-the-counter chemical to kill these bugs is not going to cut it. They’re ineffective and somewhat dangerous. Thankfully, we’ve discovered an innovative solution, which have proven to be convenient, efficient, and cost-effective. With our heat treatment, you will be able to restore normalcy to your home, without enduring multiple treatments or spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Who Is At Risk For Bedbug Infestations?

All residential and commercial establishments are at risk for getting a bedbug infestation. In fact, thousands of cases are reported each year. Bedbugs are not discriminative, so they travel home with anyone, whether they are from the low or high economic class. People that travel internationally are going to be at a higher risk, since many underdeveloped nations do not work to combat bedbug infestations. If you are traveling to these areas, you should learn how to protect yourself.


Professional Treatment Options

All licensed exterminators utilized commercial-grade pesticides in their treatment processes. However, the heat treatment is far more effective, even though it is a tad bit more expensive for consumers. Exterminators utilize large machines that are capable of producing continuous, high temperature heat. These machines are equipped with large fans that will push the heat throughout your home, even into small cracks and crevices.

It may take up to 15 minutes to eradicate the bedbugs, but one thing is for sure, when the process is complete your home will be completely pest-free. You can do your part in helping get rid of the bedbugs and one way to do this is by utilizing your clothes dryer. Pack your bed linen, stuffed animals, and clothing in a plastic bag and then place them in the dryer. Preset the temperature on the highest level and timer on 30 minutes. Now, it is time to vacuum your entire home, including your mattresses, box springs, closets, and air conditioner registers.


Reporting The Incident

While, it is not necessarily a requirement to report the bedbug infestation to your local health department, it is important to warn your neighbors. Many victims will refuse to tell anyone about their infestation, because they are shamed by it. You should not be ashamed of your situation, instead you should immediately get to work preventing it from spreading throughout the neighborhood. Four star resorts, hospitals, college dorms, and skilled nursing facilities have at some point, reported a bed bug infestation.

If you reside in an apartment complex, you should immediately notify management. This individual will contact a professional extermination company to request an in-home estimation, with a solid treatment.


It is truly pertinent to remember that your situation will differ from that of your friends and neighbors. Your home is different and your budget is more certainly not the same. Our technicians understand this wholeheartedly. We’ve implemented techniques, which help to ensure your specific situation receives specialized treatment. Our technicians will consult with you, before examining your home and analyzing the severity of your bedbug problem. Once they’re done, they’ll provide you with a recommendation and a price quote.

If you’re happy with both, our technician can begin carrying out the treatment at your early convenience.

Why Use Us?

We truly understand that Alexandria is oversaturated with exterminators. However, we believe we’ve managed to set ourselves apart from our competitors, by providing reliability, sincerity, and a great performance to each and every one of our clients. If you’re willing to give us the opportunity, we believe you’ll be happy with our performance as well. Continue reading below to discover the benefits of enlisting the assistance of the best bedbug extermination company in Alexandria, Virginia.

  • Our company takes many measures to ensure our exterminators are properly prepared for the work ahead. They’re trained for many months, before they’re allowed to treat a client’s home. They’re also background checked and drug tests. We want our clients to receive the best experience and the most peace of mind. We sincerely believe these actions will allow us to do just that.
  • When working with us, you’ll never have to worry about your children or pets being put in harm’s way. We would never use harmful pesticides in our client’s home. These products are dangerous and can harm your pets and c
  • Our company is licensed, insured and we’re more than happy to provide you with references. We’re not afraid of our past performances and truly believe our past clients regard us in a positive light.
  • Our solution is convenient for all involved. Since we use heat, you won’t have to worry about rearranging your furniture. You also won’t be forced to remain outside of your home for too long.

Ready To Reclaim Your Home?

Are you ready to eliminate those bugs and reclaim the throne within your home? We strongly encourage you to make contact with us as soon as possible. We’ll see to it that those bugs are eliminated and that you’ll finally be able to get a good night’s sleep one more.


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