How Do You Know When It’s Time To Call Bed Bug Exterminators

How do you know the proper time to contact a professional exterminator? Well, there are many factors that must be taken into consideration, when answering this question. Not only are you going to be forced to do a lot of research on the bedbug, but you also need to do a thorough investigation of your home and the perimeter around the house. Below, you will discover several tips to help you decide when it is time to contact bed bug exterminators in Washington DC. Bed Bug Exterminators in Alexandria VA


Feeding Process


Do you know where bed bugs like to hide inside of residential and commercial establishments? If not, this may be a good topic to research. Bedbugs are parasites, which basically means that they cannot survive without a blood meal. While, the adult can survive up to a year without a blood meal, the nymph can only survive for several weeks. When you take this information into account, you will see why bedbugs must be within walking distance of a host.


Nocturnal Behavioral Characteristics


Even though a bedbug exhibits nocturnal behavior, they are not genuinely nocturnal parasites. The reason bedbugs feed at night instead of during the day is because they do not want to be detected. These little critters are actually very intelligent in their own way. They know if they are detected, the homeowner will immediately take matters into their own hand. Bed Bug Exterminators in Arlington VA


Bed Bugs Cannot Jump Or Fly


Contrary to believe, bed bugs cannot jump or fly, even though they have wings. The only means of transportation option they have is walking. Although, these insects walk extremely slow they can cover a large area within a short period of time. They can also climb up walls and walk upside down on the ceiling. However, bedbugs are more likely to hide away during the day and only come out, when you are sleeping.


Signs Of An Infestation


The first sign that will surely draw your attention is the appearance of red welts on your skin. Now, it is not very common to find these welts all over your body. Instead, they will be situated on one specific area of your body. The welts will be situated in a unique formation, possibly in a line or in close proximity of each other. Whatever the case may be, you will probably be alarmed by their mere presence.


Other signs may include dried blood, exoskeletons, and an odor that smells like overripe berries. You will find dark spots on your bed linen, mattress, baseboards, furniture, and headboards, so these are the first places that you should examine.




As soon as you spot the signs of a bedbug infestation, you should immediately contact one of the bed bug exterminators operating in Washington DC. Just remember that the longer you delay, the worse the infestation will become. A bedbug infestation can spread from one room to another in a matter of days. Before you know it your entire home will be overtaken by these little critters and you will have no other choice, but to run.

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