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What Are Beetles?

Beetles are unique insects distinguished for having bad eyesight and two sets of wings. While they’re harmful to the environment, they can be helpful in some situations. Today, the United States is home to several thousand species of beetles. While they’re from the same order, they vary in size and color. Some of the most common species in the United States include ground beetles, longhorn beetles, and powder post beetles. These species are commonly found in our service area.

Why Does My Home Have Beetles?

Before beetles will invade your home, they need to be attracted to something outside of your home. For instance, they may be attracted to leaf files, firewood piles, or old lumber. Furthermore, they’ll approach light when it is coming from your doors and windows.

Are Beetles Dangerous?

While beetles are a nuisance pest, they’re not dangerous. Instead, they want to enter your home and destroy your property. Beetles tend to destroy wood items, including wood structures and furniture.

How Can I Eliminate Beetles?

Before you can eliminate the beetles in your home, you need to reduce the population of beetles around your home. If you need help, you should call us. Our professional exterminators are ready to begin helping you. We have the expertise and tools needed to effectively eliminate beetles in and around your home.

Can I Eliminate Beetles On My Own?

The beetle removal process is complicated and difficult. With that being said, you likely won’t be able to fix this problem alone. You can try, but you’ll likely fail. DIY techniques are often ineffective, and some are dangerous. Don’t rely on dangerous pesticides. Hire us, so you can fix this problem without putting anyone in danger.

When Can You Begin?

Our company is eager to begin helping you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll arrive at your home in 24 to 48 hours.

Is Your Beetle Treatment Safe?

We do the best we can to protect our clients. When you work with us, you’ll know that you’re receiving safer solutions to the problems you’re facing. Our exterminators are only allowed to use EPA-registered products. With us by your side, you’ll know that your problem is going to be fixed before you know it.

How Much Is Treatment?

We know that you’re worried about the price of our services. We offer standard pricing when standard services are needed. As a result, the price will depend on the size of your home and the severity of the infestation, and you can rest assured knowing that our exterminator will give you a big price before the project begins.

How Do I Prevent Future Beetle Infestations?

Beetles are hard to keep away from your property. When you identify a potential beetle infestation, call us so we can fix the problem for you.

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