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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I Need To Prepare My Home For A Bed Bug Treatment?

 Our techs will need full-untethered access to all areas where the infestation has been identified. Yes, our techs can move items out of their way, but to help the process move along more effectively and safer, it is best is customers remove clutter, throw rugs, and décor that could stop us from doing our jobs.

Preparing For The Treatment:

Any closet in the infected area should be emptied and completely cleaned out. In fact, you will probably want to wrap, seal, and wash these clothing items in hot water for 15 minutes, because bed bugs have probably gotten to them.

Preparing For Rodents And Other Insects:

If our team is coming out for rodents and other insects it might be necessary for you to clean out all the cupboards and drawers, because we will need access to these area.

Will Any Of My Items Get Damaged During The Treatment Process?

Our team of tech will treat your home with the same care and respect that they would treat their own homes. Our techs know what items could potentially be damaged during the treatment process and if anything needs to be moved or rearranged they will handle that.

Do You Have Eco-Friendly Treatment Solutions?

Our company is all about preserving the earth and making your living environment safer. We do have a number of eco-friendly treatment options and they are available to all our customers in the Washington area. Here is a list of our eco-friendly treatment options:

How Long Until The Bed Bugs Are Completely Gone?

Each treatment can vary depending on the severity of the infestation and the size of the home. Most of the time bed bugs are usually completely eradicate from the home after the initial and follow up treatment.

Do You Accept Credit And Cash?

Our company accepts a variety of payment options, both including cash and credit. We do even have financing if the situation calls for it.

When Will The Tech Arrive At My Home?

Even during the busy season we are usually able to respond within an hour of the initial call. Of course, this also depends on your availability.

Do You Offer Guarantees?

Yes, every bit of our work comes backed with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. And, we will provide this to you in writing. Any time you are not happy with the job that we have done all you have to do is give us a call and we will rectify the situation. With the written guarantee, we will be bound by law to do so.

How Do I Know When The Treatment Is Done?

Our techs believe in complete transparency and they will remain in touch with you throughout the entire treatment process if you want them to. However, in most situations our tech will just give you a call on your cellphone when they are done. Most treatments usually only take one to three hours, but this can vary. Our techs also have company-supplied cellphones, so if you want to get their number they will give it to you.

When Will The Invoice Be Handled?

We are about providing our customers with complete convenience. The invoice can be handled at any time of your choosing. If you want to pay before the treatment is done, that’s fine. If you want to pay after the treatment is done, that is fine too. You can even phone in the payment with a credit card if you choose to do so.

How Does The Inspection Process Work?

After you give us a call and report that you suspect you are dealing with a bed bug or rodent infestation, we will dispatch out a tech to your home. Keep in mind that we do have bed bug sniffing dogs available, which can be requested if your desire it. After showing up proper introduction will be made and the tech will begin inspecting the home. A full inspection will be performed of the entire area.

Once the inspection is over our tech will then go over with you what he found. He will even discuss and lay out treatment options if you want to continue with the process. Appointments can be booked and paperwork can be signed if you are ready to continue with the process from this point in time.

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