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Animals, such as dogs, deer, skunks, possums, and cats, are continuously targeted by parasites. There are two main parasites that target the aforementioned animals. These include the tick and flea, with the latter being the most aggressive. There is no doubt, fleas are continuously looking for a new victim. If it just happens to be your pet, you will have a flea problem within a short duration of the initial pet/flea meeting. Flea infestations are a common problem in Washington, DC. Do these parasites pose a health risk to you and/or your pet? Find out by reading the content provided in the article below.

Common Fleas Found In Washington DC

If you are a pet owner in Washington, DC, you need to be concerned about a flea infestation. These parasitic infestations are a common problem in Washington, DC, and surrounding areas. Domesticated animals like felines (cats) and Canines (dogs) are the flea’s biggest target. Fleas utilize the animals to travel from one place to another until they reach their final destination. If this happens to be your home, it is guaranteed you will have a flea problem that left unattended will grow into a major infestation. Cat fleas are the most common flea species found in Washington, DC. While the species has been deemed a cat flea, it targets canines as well. Their flat 1/8-inch body allows them to maneuver between hair follicles to escape detection and entrapment.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Flea Bite?

The flea bite shares many of the same characteristics as other insect bites. The center of the bite is slightly raised and surrounded by pink or light red coloration, which is associated with a mild allergic reaction. When fleas bite, the feeding tube penetrates the skin before withdrawing a tiny amount of blood from the victim. This pertains to both animals and humans, as fleas target both types of mammals. They are also notorious for targeting some bird species as well.

How To Prevent A Flea Problem From Becoming An Infestation?

While only a tiny parasite, the female adult flea continuously breeds, producing hundreds of eggs within her lifetime. It is a fact that most flea infestations arise from a single insect, which is generally an adult female. The common individual cannot distinguish between the two genders, leaving them with many questions, which is why they turn to our flea and tick experts. A single flea has the tendency to turn into a major infestation within a few weeks or months if left untreated. Unfortunately, way too many homeowners procrastinate seeking professional extermination assistance before it is too late. At this point, they are facing a full-blown infestation. The following tips will help you maintain a flea-free home for you and your family and pets.

  • Do not adopt a dog or cat until you are ready to take full responsibility for its care
  • Utilize anti-parasitic medicine regularly to deter fleas from targeting your pets
  • Maintain your lawn, prune shrubs, and remove debris regularly
  • Post signs on your property to discourage family members, friends, and neighbors from feeding the wildlife
  • Install barriers around your decks and porches to deter wild animals from building nests in these problematic areas
  • Routinely inspect your pets’ bedding to determine if it is infested with fleas. Focus on signs of “flea dirt,” which points to a flea problem
  • Routinely wash your pets’ bedding in hot water utilizing a mild detergent
  • Routinely vacuum your entire home, targeting problem areas where your pets tend to sleep

While flea infestations are complex, they can be prevented with the right tools, knowledge, and a little bit of time. Heed the aforementioned tips to maintain a flea-free home for you and your family and pets. Once a flea accesses your home, there is the risk of an infestation. A single flea will be extremely difficult to detect thanks to its deceptive behavior. It will hide away in your pet’s fur until it decides it is time to move on to bigger and better things, your home. Fleas do not have any issues invading a human or animal’s living space. So, do not think your home is off-limits when nowhere is 100 percent safe from these parasites.

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