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Understanding Ants

What are ants? Despite knowing a little about ants, you likely don’t know enough. You’ll find this out when you discover that your home is infested with ants. This social insect belongs to the Formicidae family and tends to live in large, underground colonies. Today, there are more than 12,000 species of ants, but it is believed that there could be more than 14,000 species. Ants can be easy to identify thanks to their unique appearance, bodies, and antennas.

Ants are successful because they always work together for the same purpose. They strive to survive and serve the queen ant. Since they always cooperate, you’ll have a tough time keeping them out of your home and getting rid of them.

Why Do I Have Ants?

Ant colonies are typically established outside and underground. The number of ants found in a colony ranges from a few dozens to thousands. You never know how many ants are living in a colony. While they prefer staying outside, ants will travel inside when searching for food. They can travel hundreds of feet away from their nest to look for food. Ants are determined, so they’ll do whatever it takes to find a way to enter your dwelling. They’ll enter through gaps around windows, doors, and utility lines.

Do Ants Pose A Risk To Humans?

In most cases, ants are not dangerous to humans. You don’t need to worry about ants exposing you or your loved ones to dangerous diseases. They won’t bite. Nevertheless, you will still need to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The problem is that ants will contaminate your food and destroy your property. Once you’ve identified an ant infestation, it is best to get rid of them.

How Can I Get Rid Of Ants?

Unfortunately, getting rid of ants will be tough. You likely won’t be able to achieve this goal on your own because ants live in many interlinked nests. During the treatment process, it is pertinent to treat each nest. Miss one, and the infestation is quickly going to spiral out of control again. Our company offers an ant removal service that is designed to eliminate the problem you’re facing quickly and efficiently. When you’re ready to tackle this problem, contact us.

Can I Eliminate Ants?

Trying to deal with this problem alone will be too difficult and complex. Instead, it is best to hire a professional. DIY techniques are ineffective and dangerous. For the best results, you should hire a professional exterminator. With our assistance, you can rest assured knowing that your problem will be dealt with, and you won’t need to worry about exposing your loved ones to dangerous pesticides.

When Can You Begin?

Contact our local office as soon as possible. We can respond to your home in 24 to 48 hours.

Is Your Treatment Safe?

We always make sure that we provide our clients with safe solutions. Our exterminators are trained to use EPA-registered products. Furthermore, they follow strict guidelines to guarantee that our clients will be safe throughout the procedure.

Can I Prevent Future Ant Infestations?

When you’ve discovered an ant infestation in your home, you’ll likely try to tackle this problem alone. The only problem is that DIY techniques are not effective. Once you’ve removed them, you’ll want to keep them away. Although you can minimize the risks, you can’t be positive that ants are never going to return. There is always a risk that they’ll target your home again in the future. To prevent that from happening, you need to keep your home clean and tidy. Clean up messes immediately to keep ants out.

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