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Conventional TreatmentConventional extermination treatment ranges from chemical-based and organic pesticides, traps, and insecticides, all of which have been around for decades. Pest infestations are a major issue in some Washington, DC neighborhoods. Cockroach, termite, flea, ant, bed bug, spider, and stink bugs sightings have been reported nationwide in the past decade. This includes DC, as well as Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Philadelphia. If you reside in one of these states, it is likely you have detected one or more of these insect species in or around your property at some point. Learn more about our conventional pest treatments by reading the content provided in the article below.

What Are Conventional Extermination Treatments?

As previously mentioned, conventional pest treatments are pesticides, insecticides, and traps, all of which have been around for many decades. The reason conventional treatments have survived over the decades is that they have been proven effective time and time again. Home and business owners, tenants, landlords, nonprofit organizations, government entities, and officials, and others have reported pest sightings. In fact, some have reported multiple pest sightings within their lifetimes.

Are Conventional Extermination Pesticides Safe Or Harmful?

If you are researching conventional pesticides, it is likely you are facing a pest problem. Why? Because hardly anyone who is not dealing with pests will take the time to conduct research on the extermination topic. This is just common behavior among the residents of Washington, DC.

Now, is conventional extermination pesticides safe or harmful? Our pesticides have been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which ensures they do not pose health or safety risks to humans, animals, plants, or the environment. However, this only applies to pesticides that are applied properly by an experienced exterminator or individual.

EPA-approved pesticides can contain chemicals. But, when utilized properly, they are not harmful to the impacted household.

Is Conventional Pest Control Effective In Eradicating Infestations?

Conventional pest control techniques and products are specifically designed to combat pest infestation of all levels – mild, moderate, and severe. The formula found in these products has proven time and time again to be effective in eradicating cockroaches, the bed bug, ant, fleas, spider, termite, beetle, and ladybug infestations.

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