Tips For Choosing Between Bed Bug Exterminators

Do you happen to own a home within Washington, DC? Congratulations! Buying a home is a big achievement. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles ahead and it is essential to prepare for the worst case scenario. There is truly an abundance of problems, which can quickly diminish the value of your home. A bug infestation would undoubtedly do just that. By preparing in advance, you’ll be able to take action as soon as the bugs are spotted. Within this guide, you’ll learn how to choose one of the bed bug exterminators in Washington DC, and bed bug exterminators in Arlington VA – so you can rectify the problem immediately.


Treatment Options

First and foremost, you should take the time to consider your treatment options. There are numerous ways to eliminate bedbugs, but some techniques are better than others. Professional exterminators will offer chemical sprays and heat treatments. Alternatively, it is also possible to perform the treatment on your own, by incorporating the use of DIY products. At this point in time, heat is widely considered to be the most effective and convenient solution. If given the opportunity, you should definitely utilize it to eradicate the bugs from your home.


Background Research

As you likely already know, history repeats itself. This is true in various aspects of life, including a person or company’s work ethic and performance. If an exterminator has delivered a lackluster performance many times in the past, you can almost guarantee they’ll do the same in the future. Staying away from companies, which have shady pasts, is absolutely vital and may very well help you avoid running into future problems. So, you’ll need to do a little background research.

First, you should take the time to check out the company’s BBB page. The Better Business Bureau keeps track of companies and their performances. One look at their page will give you immense insight into the exterminator. Also, be sure to check out testimonials and customer reviews. These too will help you make a much more informed decision.


Ask Others

As a Washington resident, it is almost certain you have a good relationship with many other locals. These individuals may be your friends, family members, or co-workers. If they’ve been forced to deal with bedbugs or other critters in the past, they’ll sympathize with your situation and will be more than willing to help you in any way they can. So, you should definitely take the opportunity to speak with these people. Their past experiences and advice could very well prove to be incredibly helpful.


Direct Contact

At the end of the day, you’re eventually going to need to make direct contact with the exterminator. Use this opportunity to your advantage. Speak with the company representative, ask any questions you may have, and get the reassurance you need. During your conversation, the company’s representative should be helpful, kind, and respectful. If they’re not, you’ll know it immediately and will want to head elsewhere.



All in all, finding a reliable bug exterminator can be more difficult than you could ever imagine. Spend some time and put in the effort to help increase your chances of getting the problem rectified, without any hiccups. Bed Bug Exterminators in Washington DC & Bed bug Exterminators in Alexandria VA

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