What You Must Know About Bed Bugs

If you happen to live in Washington and have been keeping up with the news, you’ll have more likely heard about the bedbug problem. Bed bugs are running around the city and they’re more problematic than ever before. If bedbugs are capable of infiltrating your home, you’re going to have a massive problem on your hands. There is some good news and bad news, when it comes to the Washington DC bed bugs. Within this article, you’ll find both.


Not Deadly

Although bedbugs look incredibly frightening, they surprisingly and thankfully not dangerous. Yes, they’re very annoying and absolutely love blood. You’ll be their primary source for food and they’ll turn your body into a full course meal. The good news is that they’ve never been known to transmit disease. Some people will experience rashes and irritations, but you’ll never have to worry about contracting a deadly disease from a bedbug bite.


No Real Prevention

One of the biggest problems with bedbugs is that they’re very sneaky and nearly impossible to detect. They’re capable of hiding out in your clothing, luggage, and bed sheets. This makes it very tricky to prevent bedbugs from infiltrating your home. Washing and drying your clothing thoroughly after a vacation and motel stay can help, but the possibility for an infestation is always there. It is wise to take any preventative measures that you can, but you must come to the realization that is truly impossible to completely prevent bedbugs from entering your home. So, you should never feel ashamed, if you do become a victim of these hideous creatures.


Rapid Breeders

One of the most frightening aspects of bedbugs is their reproductive abilities. These critters are capable of reproducing quickly and will overrun your home within a matter of days. On average, a single female bedbug will lay a maximum of 7 eggs on a daily basis. And of course, an infestation will equate to multiple female bedbugs. During their lifetime, they’ll lay around 2250 eggs. As you can see, a bedbug infestation will rapidly spiral out of control, if it is not dealt with immediately.


Their Evolution

Another thing to remember is that bedbugs have changed over the course of many years. In the past, they were very vulnerable to certain pesticides and were even considered to be extinct at one point in time. Unfortunately, this couldn’t have been further from the truth. Bedbugs have reemerged and it has been discovered that their shells are harder than they were in the past. What does this mean? Well, those once-effective pesticides are no longer reliable.


The Solution

If you’ve become a victim of bedbugs, you’ll be happy to know that there is a solution out there. Washington DC bed bug exterminators have engineered a machine, which is capable of increase the temperature inside of your home. This is effective, because bedbugs cannot tolerate extremely hot temperatures. This is why throwing them in the dryer is an excellent way to remove them from your clothing.

So, if you need to remove these pests from your home, ask a local exterminator about their heat treatment options.

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