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Hello and welcome. If you’ve happened to stumble upon our website, it is almost certain that you’re suffering from a bedbug problem. At this point in time, you’re probably feeling a little worried, stressed out, and hopeless. Rest assured knowing it is entirely possible to eradicate bedbugs, but you’ll need to incorporate the right techniques. We are the most experienced and reliable bed bug exterminator in Arlington VA and we’ll be able to help you restore normalcy to your home rapidly and conveniently. Before we offer you a solution, we’d like to provide you with further insight into bedbugs and their behaviors.

Spotting Bed Bugs

At this point, you probably feel that you have bedbugs, but aren’t entirely positive. A lot of consumers run into this type of problem, because bedbugs aren’t mentioned as often as roaches and rats. So, a lot of consumers simply have very little knowledge regarding these pests. Confirming the presence of bedbugs can be more difficult than you could ever imagine, but it is not an impossibility. You simply need to know where to look and know precisely what to look for.

First and foremost, you should look no further than yourself. Have you noticed unusual red marks all over your body? Do they look like tiny welts? If so, you’re probably dealing with bedbugs. At the same time, you’ll want to take the opportunity to examine your bedroom. Check out your bed linen and see if you can spot red bloodstains and brown excrement marks. These two telltale signs that you’re dealing with bedbugs. If any of these things are present, you’ll want to go ahead, pick up the phone, and give us a call.

Specifically Catered To You

We sincerely understand that your problem will be substantially different from that of your friends and family members. This is why we’ve determined that it is absolutely pertinent to formulate a plan, which will allow us to cater to each client’s precise needs. We’re capable of eliminating bed bugs in Arlington VA, because we handle each client on a case-by-case basis. Before any treatment is carried out, our technician will examine your home, consult with you, and a formulate an efficient plan of attack.

This will help to ensure the problem is rectified in the most convenient and cost effective way as possible.

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Bed Bug Prevention Measurements


The key to eradicating a bedbug infestation is hiring a bed bug exterminator in Arlington, VA. The key to keeping your home pest-free is proper prevention management. With this being, it is important to take both of these measurements and combine them together to make them work more effectively. Bedbugs are tiny in size, but they will overtake your home within a matter of days. If you are unfamiliar with these critters, you may need to seek the advise of a professional exterminator.

Keeping your home free of debris, unwanted items, and frequent vacuuming will help. However, it will take more drastic measurements to prevent this from happening. If you need assistance with this matter, feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives or licensed exterminator.

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How Are Bed Bug Infestations Spread?

Well believe it or not, bedbugs have 6 small powerful legs that can grab onto clothing, human skin, animal hair, and tree branches. With this being said, the bedbug can also hide away in the smallest crevice, where they will not be detected. They enjoy traveling, especially with strangers that are unaware of their existence. Once they arrive to your home, they will immediately begin looking for a good hiding place. When you are asleep, they will slowly creep to where you are sleeping and consume your blood.

An adult bedbug can survive without a blood meal for almost a year, but this does not necessarily mean that they will turn down a free meal. You will know when a bedbug has fed on your blood, because they leave their mark behind. Small red, welts will appear on your body, but do not worry because these bites are more often harmless. These insects do not spread diseases to humans, but be sure to keep the affected area clean and dry.

If you begin to exhibit shortness of breath, fatigue, or generalized swelling, you should immediately contact 911. This may very well be the first signs of a anaphylactic allergic reaction, which can be life threatening.

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Why Select Us?

We wholeheartedly thank you for taking the time to read through this page. Now, we would like to offer you a solution to your problem. We’ve been working with residents of Virginia for an extensive period of time and we know how to get the problem fixed without any hiccups. Below, you’ll learn about the enormous benefits of selecting us as your bedbug exterminator.

  • Our company is staffed by thoroughly experienced and immensely trained experts. They’ve dedicated their lives to helping people just like you and thrive on eliminating bedbugs from the homes of Virginians.
  • Our company is completely insured. We want to provide clients with as much reassurance and peace of mind as possible. Since we’re insured, you’ll never have to worry about dealing with any problems, which may occur. Of course, we’ll do our best to prevent that from happening.
  • Also, we’re licensed. We’ve worked diligently to acquire our license from the state of Virginia and are proud of our accomplishment.
  • We’re more than happy to provide you with references. Just ask and you shall receive. Our past performances speak for themselves.
  • Although our prices aren’t the lowest, we can guarantee that you won’t find a better experience anywhere else. We’re licensed, insured, experienced, and truly care about our clients. Unlike our competitors, we’ll do our best to ensure you’re provided with a satisfactory experience.

Contact Us Immediately

When you’ve confirmed the presence of bedbugs, it is time to seek out assistance immediately. It is essential to make sure that you do not delay, as this will only give the bugs time to spread and the situation time to worsen. So, when you’re ready to reclaim your home, you’ll want to give us a call. We’ll see to it that those bugs are eliminated!

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