Eco-Friendly Treatment Options

Take Advantage Of Our Environmental Friendly Treatment Options

More and more people are growing aware of the state that the earth is currently in. Overcrowding, pollution, and trash are at an all-time high. This is why it is important for everyone to do their part to reduce their footprint where they can. You might think this sounds funny coming from an extermination company, but we are different than our Washington counterparts. We offer the Washington residents services that include eco-friendly products. These products are not only extremely safe, but they have proven effective in the field.

At any point, if you want to learn about our eco-friendly services and how they can benefit you, all you have to do is reach our local Washington office. Our customer service team is always standing by and they are quite knowledgeable about everything that we offer. They know the ins and outs of eco-friendly treatment options, how they work, and the entire procedure for the treatment process.

Keep All Parties Safe

We are always highly concerned about protecting the environment, humans, and pets from exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides. After all, we are exposed to enough smog and pollution on a daily basis already. Not only are handling these chemicals and pesticides dangerous for our techs, but they are dangerous to the environment and you. This is why we have vowed to service your needs with more eco-friendly solutions.

In fact, we are currently one of the few companies that are lobbying against extermination companies that utilize harmful chemicals and pesticides. There aren’t many companies out there like this in the Washington area, but we are one of them. In cooperation with organizations that are dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment, we are working to get the use of the chemicals and pesticides banned. This is why we have recently added an eco-friendly treatment solutions to our list of treatment options.

These solutions are 100 percent completely safe for everyone involved. In fact, you wouldn’t even need to evacuate the home or office with some of the treatment solutions that we offer. This is a big plus, as you can rest assured that your children, pets, or co-workers aren’t exposed to anything that could potentially damage them.

Our Eco-Friendly Solutions

We have added a variety of eco-friendly treatment solutions to our arsenal, but what is best above all else is that they have all proven effective in the field. These methods have been tried and tested in a variety of environments, which they excelled with no safety threat whatsoever. Some of our eco-friendly treatment options include:

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