I Found A Few Bed Bugs – Does That Mean I’m Dealing With An Infestation?

The discovery of a few bed bugs can be a reason for concern. When you consider infestations arise from one, two, or a handful of bed bugs, it is only natural for homeowners to be concerned.

It is a fact, bed bug sightings are enough to warrant concern. Even if the sighting involves a single bed bug, your concern is reasonable. Now, it would be an entirely different story if you were not concerned. It is worrisome that homeowners in similar situations ignore such a bed bug sighting. This could mean, the homeowner is oblivious to the damage caused by these tiny insects.

If there is a bed bug in your home, this could be the first sign of a major problem. Generally, a single bed bug is not enough to safely say your home is infested. But, it is safe to say that a sighting is a sign of things to come. We recommend contacting our Washington, DC office to schedule an appointment for an in-home bed bug inspection

Why Is A Single Bed Bug Sighting Reason For Concern?

As mentioned previously, infestations arise from one, two, or more bed bugs. In fact, many people have reported single bed bug sightings only to discover their entire home is infested. If you discovered a bed bug in your home, your first thought may be the origin. Unfortunately, bed bugs can be found just about anywhere indoors. They are more notable for living in hotels, motels, and inns. But, they can also be found in single- and multi-family homes, apartment complexes, used furniture stores, and other establishments.

The best way to deal with a bed bug sighting is to take immediate action. We are one of Washington DC’s top extermination companies. We offer free bed bug inspections and quotes to all DC residents and businesses. Contact us today to learn more about our bed bug control services.

What Risks Do Bed Bugs Pose For Homeowners?

So what, a bed bug is a tiny insect that does not take up much space in a home. While they are small, they are notable for leaving devastation in their paths. Everywhere bed bugs go, they cause damage to property and instill fear in their victims.

A single adult female bed bug is continuously producing, resulting in hundreds of eggs over a lifetime. When you consider one adult female has this ability, it does make one wonder what a handful or dozens of female bed bugs can accomplish over their lifetimes.

If you detect a single bed bug or one of the bed bugs signs, you should not hesitate to seek assistance from our extermination team.

Why Are Bed Bugs Difficult To Detect?

The main reason is their deceptive behaviors. To avoid human detection, the bed bug will resort to some very deceptive behavior, hiding deep inside mattresses, feeding only when the host is asleep, and remaining hidden throughout the day. This is only the beginning because there is no end to what a bed bug will do to avoid detection.

The most common bed bug hiding places include the mattress, box spring, bed linen, pillowcase, floorboard, carpet, upholstery furniture, and pillow.

Characteristics That Point To A Bed Bug

Bed bugs are often compared to other small parasites. In fact, some people have reportedly confused the carpet beetle, flea, and cockroach nymph for a bed bug. You need to be on the lookout for the following bed bug characteristics. Two antennas, six tiny legs, apple seed-shaped body, reddish/brown coloration, horizontal dark markings on the back, and 10-millimeter length.

It is easy to see why the bed bug is confused with other similar insects. With this information, you will not face any issues validating the insect’s true identity.

Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

  • Dark Stain – Dried blood, fecal matter, and exoskeletons leave dark stains on bed linen, mattresses, furniture, clothing, and pillows
  • Egg Casings – Pinpoint-sized dots on bed linen may be discarded eggs and/or egg casings
  • Exoskeleton – Translucent-like bed bug skin
  • Fecal Material – Feces droppings will be scattered about on bed linen, mattresses, box springs, pillows, carpeting, and clothing
  • Tiny Red Bite Marks – Bed bugs penetrate the skin of their victims before each feeding
  • Sweet, Musty Scent – Bed bugs excrete a substance that generates a foul odor

Inspecting For Bed Bugs – Where To Start And What To Look For?

The first place that should be inspected is the host’s bedroom. Bed bugs prefer living in close proximity to their hosts to ensure easy access to blood meals, warm shelter, and detection avoidance. Bed bugs are tiny insects that are difficult to detect with the naked eye. It is recommended to utilize a flashlight and a magnifying glass to ensure easier detection. Utilizing the magnifying glass and flashlight, start along the exterior of your bed before examining your bed.

Remove all your bed linen but carefully inspect it in advance. Inspect your pillow, sheets, and blankets before moving on to your mattress and box springs. If you have a bed bug problem, the signs will appear early on.

Be sure to take note of the aforementioned bed bug signs during your inspection. Do not stop until your entire home has been thoroughly inspected. If your home is infested with these parasites, it will be validated way before your visual inspection is complete.

Let Us Help!

We have been described as Washington DC’s best extermination company. We have combined many years of bed bug experience. Our bed bug pest control starts with a thorough in-home inspection by one of our exterminators. We recommend contacting our local office to learn more about our pest control services. Bed bug infestations have been described by exterminators as “complex” and “extremely difficult to exterminate,” which is why we opt to combine treatments to maximize the results.

Our exterminators are on standby to take your call. And, do not be concerned about prices because we will gladly sit down with you to create a budget that will not break the bank.

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