Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

If you’ve ever dealt with aggressive bed bugs, you don’t need anyone telling you just how cryptic these bugs can be. Their purpose might be clear, to get into the home, feed, and reproduce, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do it cryptically. In fact, bed bugs are so cryptic that they will completely rearrange their sleeping patterns to match yours. That’s right, most people think bed bugs are nocturnal because they only come out at night. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case at all!

They only come out at night because this is when you sleep. If you slept during the day and worked at night, they would attack during the day while you slept. This is just how cryptic bed bugs are. Along with this, they are incredibly resilient. This is why, if you want to eliminate an infestation effectively, you have to know where to look. Where exactly is that?

Box Springs And Mattresses

Even the most inexperienced pest management company could guess that bed bugs would hide in box springs and mattresses. While they are resilient and cryptic, they want to make feeding as easy and safe as possible for themselves. This is why they usually take up residence in the bedroom. In addition to this, they can sense the expelled CO2 and kairomones that humans produce during sleep.

Cracks And Crevices In Bed Frames

You’ve probably heard the phrase that bed bugs hide everywhere. This isn’t just literal. It’s completely and utterly true! They will go as far as to hide in the cracks and crevices of your bed frame. They’ll hide inside the small cracks and wood space in your headboard. Where the headboard connects to the side rails, they’ll hide there. In the screw and bolt holes, they’ll hide there. If they can squeeze their bodies into it, they’ll take up residence there.


If bed bugs are going to hide in your frame, box springs, and mattresses, it only makes sense that they would also hide in your sheets, right? You’d think this would be a little riskier for them and it is, but they certainly are no strangers to take up residence in bed linens and sheets. Luckily, these spots are much easier to search.

Rugs And Carpets

Rugs and carpets might not provide much protection or stealth, but they do provide just enough for bed bugs to feel safe. Typically, rugs and carpets are installed in heavily trafficked areas like the bedrooms, living, and dining areas This could be one of the reasons that they feel safe in these environments.

Couches And Upholstered Furniture

You’ve probably also heard about bed bugs hiding in furniture and couches. This is because this is probably one of the number one ways that they enter a home. Someone purchases a piece of used furniture that is already infested with bed bugs introduces it into their home, and then the bug makes a new residence in its new home, reproducing and finding a new host. While these bugs are known for hiding between the cushions and rests, one of the lesser-known spots is at the bottom near the skirting. This area provides the perfect hiding and coverage, so make sure you take the time to search it very thoroughly.

Other Surprising Place Bed Bugs Hide

While the above-mentioned places might not seem like much of a surprise, there are some places that bed bugs will hide that will shock you. Know where these places are is critical to effectively searching and eliminating an infestation. Want to know where those spots are?

Suitcases And Luggage

The last thing you want to bring home with you from a long vacation is a bed bug. Unfortunately, this is starting to occur more and more frequently these days. People stay in infected hotels, bed bugs hitch a ride on their luggage, and make up new residence in the traveler’s home. Any bug hiding in an infested hotel room can quickly and easily hitch a ride on luggage because it is usually left out in the open, where it can be easily and quickly accessed.

In addition to this, luggage pieces usually have a multitude of pockets and hiding spots for these critters. Not only will keeping your luggage off the floor in the room help but thoroughly inspecting it before bringing it home will be crucial.

Wall Decor

Who would expect that the beautiful seaside landscape of a family’s day at the beach hanging above your bed would hold bed bugs? Well, it could, and it is more possible than you’d imagine. Bed bugs can squeeze into holes as small as finishing nail holes and they will. They’ll also hide on, in, and around wall décor. They are simply attracted to warm, dark spaces, and that’s what these décor items offer.


Because of their size and temperature, books providing the best hiding spots for these critters. You can find all kinds of information reading and researching bed bugs, but you won’t find them one or in between the pages. When it is said that bed bugs can be found in books, it is usually the spine area that they like to take up residence in.


Given that nightstands are dark, cozy, and usually located in the bedroom, it only makes sense that bed bugs would choose these areas for homes. It provides them with their ideal environment with quick and easy access to their food source.


With the cost and the sheer number of electronics in homes today, no one wants to hear that these devices make the perfect hiding spots for bed bugs. Unfortunately, this is the case. Bed bugs can squeeze their bodies right into the electrical boards, in them, under them, or around them. The boards also generate a good amount of heat, which is something that attracts these critters as well. Add to this, the number of circuit boards electronic devices have today, and it just makes sense that these critters would take up residence here.

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